Milestone Productions provides individually tailored solutions to meet client needs by applying the “ProPlan” developed by the company drawing on the expertise,experience and knowledge of its personnel. The “ProPlan” focuses on the 3 key elements to ensure a sucessful event: Planning, Design, Production. Our “ProPlan” process ensures that each customer large or small can achieve their goals.

Why use our “ProPlan” process?

  • Our process ensures nothing is left to chance:
    • a detailed planning approach which ensures Staff, Budgets, Equipment, Theme, Location etc. are fully considered
    • a Client centred design process will deliver the clients vision of the event including Theme, Visuals, Sound
    • Production Excellence in delivery: Sound Quality, Visual Clarity, Audience Engagement, Customer Sadisfaction, On message Branding
  • By managing the entire event management process Milestone Productions can achieve cost efficentcies
  • Account Manager coordinate all aspects of the project saving you time
  • Our experienced team becomes part of your team
  • 30 Years of experience
  • Milestone Productions is recognised both nationally and internationally in the sector.