Our onsite management is critical to smooth event delivery. Part of our planning deals exclusively with the days or sometimes weeks leading up to your event. Prior to and during your event we perform a range of checks on venue, facilities, staff and delegate arrangements. Onsite Our Team will ensure that all plans are followed through and liaise with the client, venue, entertainment and any other participants to deliver a polished, professional and progressive event. A detailed plan for the event will be in place which may include

  • Speaker Ready Room scheduleevent delivery
  • Delegate Reception Area
  • Refreshment Arrangements
  • AV Checks
  • Logistics for
    • People- Your delegates and presenters need to in place for a successful event
    • Product- Not only display product but also your presentation materials
    • Offsite- People who cannot attend may still need to be facilitated so they can be involved

With the plan in place, the people and equipment under control we manage the timetable to ensure a professional and productive event.