Design & Build

At Milestone Productions the second step in the process is Design & Build. Using the defined plan we supply your requirements. The Design & Build is the physical realisation of your event. Realising your event may require just one or many elements and these must fit exactly for a event designflawless event. The common parts of this are

Staff- Delivering the right combination of technical and managerial staff. Ensuring that the venue staff are in place. And facilitating speakers with speaker support prior to the event.

Budgets- Defining budgets for each component of the event from venue costs, food and beverages, technical services, transport, secretarial, speaker fees and other aspects relevant to the event.

Design- Preparing detailed plans and concepts around the look and feel of the event. This may include online applications like websites, real world applications include invites, press releases or printed materials.

Structure- Preparing timelines for build and delivery. We prepare a timeline for onsite building and preparation which leads into a schedule for the event. The event schedule is prepared in conjunction with the client to best serve the objectives of the event.

Once we have prepared all these elements we progress to

event managementOnsite- This portion of the plan brings all the elements together building the event. Once onsite we supervise all the components required for the look and feel of the event. For virtual events we obviously amend this process to achieve the required results.

Once we have finalised the Design & Build we move directly into the final stage of the “ProPlan”.