Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is becoming an ever more significant part of any multinational event.

Milestone Simultaneous InterpretationProductions supplies, installs, hires and operates simultaneous interpretation equipment in virtually any configuration for up to 5,000 delegates working in up to 32 different languages at the same time.   Each hire commission has its own specific requirements, and we design an individual solution for every single job.

All our equipment is modular and portable so that we can set it up in almost any location.   We provide Sound Proof booths to allow the interpreters to work discreetly at the back or side of the room. Each Interpreter has their own headset and microphone allowing them to hear and interpret. Each delegate is provided with a multi channel digital receiver with which they can select the appropriate language and become fully engaged with the event.

Simultaneous Interpretation headsetBy using one company to supply you audio visual requirements and your Simultaneous Interpretation removes the need to go back and forth ensuring that sound from your speakers is directed clearly to the Interpreters. Having said this we are very accustomed to integrating with in house system or companies.   With our experience in Simultaneous Interpretation we can provide advice and support, helping you deliver a more productive and valuable event. All our equipment is fully digital providing outstanding sound quality. And virtually any floor area can be covered ensuring all your delegate have access to interpretation.