webcastWhy Webcast or Stream ?

A webcast of  your event you can achieve higher audience numbers and deliver your message to staff and customer who cannot attend your event.  Webcasting has been seen as complicated and expensive, not anymore. We provide packages to suit almost any budget and our professional streaming engineers are not only the best at what they do but are friendly and down to earth. No more techno speak.

We provide 2 ways for you to webcast, both of which can be configured to your requirements. All our packages include a streaming engineer onsite for the duration of your event and our own custom built streaming hardware.

Package One

This is perfect for the budget conscious. It includes a streaming engineer and hardware onsite but utilises free unlimited broadcasting.Budget conscious live streaming and webcasting package.

Package Two

With more than 20 years experience in the event business we understand that  some events require a private and secure delivery system. Our network is password protected and gives you full control over who is viewing your content. We can also provide features live webcast Slide Management, Live Chat, Pay Per View and much more. Complete streaming and webcasting premium services.


Why use us for your Webcasting or Streaming ?

  • Our packages start from only €750live streaming
  • Experienced Friendly Staff
  • Ability to deliver secured content
  • Video on Demand post event
  • DVD copies of your event
  • Analytics available
  • Pay Per View
  • Chat Facilities
  • Slide Management
  • Embed Player in Your website
  • Twitter and Facebook integration